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If you are currently using a gym membership, have you considered investing in an outside home gym instead? Traditional storage sheds have taken on many new roles for modern families. A shed can be your personal home gym, without taking away a room from your home.

Adequate lighting, ventilation and electrical capabilities, make the exercise shed the perfect addition to your home and a pleasant environment for your family. BAS Buildings, LLC has seen a recent increase of families requesting an exercise gym.

Advantages include:

no membership fees
no need to leave your family to exercise: they can join in
no driving across town to exercise
no need for wiping stranger sweat off equipment before you use it
no need to line up babysitters
no listening to body builder grunts (unless you are the body builder)
no waiting for your turn on equipment
no self-consciousness about your body (or anyone else’s)
no having to adjust the weights (they stay where you want them)
no one hitting on you, or making inappropriate comments
less exposure to circulating viruses
you control the cleanliness
watch what you want on the screen, listen to your choice of music, or look outside at your garden
invite whoever you like to join you
start a neighborhood exercise group
open to you, 24 hours a day

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