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UNIQUE STORAGE SHEDS: One of the things we enjoy at BAS Buildings, LLC is talking with our customers, and discussing why they need storage buildings and what are their plans for their shed. We have built outdoor offices where parents can remain at home and yet get some work done.

We have built play houses which will be used for storage down the road. We have built divided he/she sheds, where couples have their own side divided by partition so they can organize as they like. We have built pet sheds for birds, goats, horses, turtles, cats and dogs. We have built sheds which will be used as mini guest houses. We have built sheds strictly for storage, of tools, of items being kept for adult children or parents, items for resale, lawn and garden materials, small business materials and more. We have built man-caves and she-sheds. Each customer comes with unique needs and we answer with unique designs. We can add custom doors, windows, re-inforced flooring, siding, lofts, porches or whatever is needed. We can also build to meet the needs of HOA associations.

Our goal is to build a storage building which will meet our customer’s needs, and of which we can be proud. #shed designs #shed ideas#custom storage sheds#storage sheds

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