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Home office sheds are a side effect of the Corona pandemic, the home office has become mainstream. Employers have learned that employees are productive without a forced daily commute to a central office. With telecommuting, and distance learners sharing the same space a solution was needed to keep everyone focused and productive.

Americans are learning to balance their home and work. Outside sheds have become an ideal solution for distancing the worker from family activities and distractions of family and pets. They can stay near and take breaks with their family, while having uninterrupted time for their work activities.

Sales for backyard sheds have rocketed. Some people are buying storage sheds to free up a room of their home to use for study or work. Others, are designing sheds with the purpose of using the outside building as their workplace.

Choosing a builder with a reputation of providing custom buildings of high quality is the way to begin. Once the basic building is constructed, it can then be outfitted to meet specific needs. BAS Buildings will work with you to refine your design, acquire needed permits, and construct your new office in your backyard.

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