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Mother in law or Granny Sheds

Having mom come live with you as she gets older is difficult on all involved. There will now be two women of the household. Family love is what makes it work.

One of the major stress factors for mom is leaving what has become familiar to her to move in with her children… her home and belongings, her control of her world. You welcome her into your home, but perhaps she needs more.
All of her most special possessions will probably not fit in your spare bed room, or fit aesthetically with your décor.

A regular storage shed can easily be remodeled as a she-shed or granny shed or outdoor sitting room. She can bring in her favorite chair, lamp, books or hobby supplies. She can relax, read, work puzzles, talk on phone, or whatever makes her feel that she has her own private spot, where she is in control of her life. Sheds with porches can allow her to sit out and watch the grandkids, birds or squirrels, and enjoy the fresh air. She can even welcome her own guest into “her space” All the while, she is close by, where you can keep her safe and loved.

For very little, you can give your mom, who has given so much to your family, a bit of her old home, in addition to welcoming her into yours. If you have the space and money, you can create a small tiny house for her in your backyard, complete with plumbing.

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