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Organize Your Storage Shed:
Prevents repurchase of items and materials you already have
Makes finding items that much quicker

Means you’re getting the maximum usage out of the available space in your storage sheds

Make sure that the items you use most are within easy reach. Use hooks or pegboards, or drawers & cabinets so that everything has its proper place and keep clutter away so that you do not waste time moving items from place to place in your storage building.

Be generous with shelving in your sheds, so that you can keep your floor space as open as possible Consider door placement. If you will be storing materials in one side, and mowers, riding toys, vehicles, you may want your door offset so you can drive right in and leave other areas clear for storage or use. If placing objects needing electricity, organize your building to make sure items can reach plugs, and minimize wiring on the floor. Keep extension cords and hoses neatly coiled and out of the way. Lining the back wall with pegboard made it easy for to hang smaller tools like trowels, hammers, and drills — all within reach. This also made the workbench in the rear of the building much more useful. You can also use higher one foot wide shelves for smaller items so you can see them easily. Use back of shelves and higher shelves and lofts for items which are not frequently used. You want to spend your time using your tools, not looking for them!

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