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Permits For Sheds

Most people do not think of building permits for storage buildings or sheds, but these days you must take this into consideration. Contact your local municipality to determine if you need a zoning or building permit, as well as planning, advisory and technical assistance. For smaller sheds or storage buildings, often no building permit is required, or perhaps only a zoning permit is needed. The local planning office can offer guidance, and in special circumstances, hardship variances or exemptions.

Permits are NOT just a way to generate revenue. A zoning permit assures that your shed is not too close to your property lines, or sensitive areas. An accessory building permit assures that your shed is constructed to local and state codes for safety and durability.

The customer or the builder provides construction plans which are reviewed for safety and structural integrity prior to the issuance of a permit. Reviews are based on the NC Building, Accessibility, Residential, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing and Energy Codes. Commercial and residential plan reviewers are responsible for final approval of drawings, verification of contractor licenses, writing a detailed description of the work being permitted. During the construction process, the building is inspected to make sure all work is following the plan and guidelines. A final inspection is done at the end of the process.

Costs vary depending on location and whether an environmental impact study is needed, or if the area requires a survey. When purchasing a storage shed, or other building, take this expense into account. BAS Buildings will offer guidance and plans to make this process easier for you. We will build to guidelines, and facilitate inspections.

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