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North Carolina summers can get HOT, and in outbuildings it’s not uncommon for interior temperatures to soar as a result of the sun bearing down on the outs. Radiant barrier roofing helps to minimize that effect by reflecting the radiant heat instead of absorbing it, meaning the building can stay up to 30° cooler.

When the sun heats a roof, it’s primarily the sun’s radiant energy that makes the roof hot. Much of this heat travels by conduction through the roofing materials to the interior side of the roof. The hot roof material then radiates its gained heat energy onto the cooler interior surfaces, including shelves, lofts, stored objects and the shed floor. A radiant barrier reduces the radiant heat transfer from the underside of the roof to the other surfaces in the storage building.

We use LP TechShield Radiant Barrier Sheathing, which is a thin, durable sheet of aluminum laminated to LP OSB sheathing. The patented, post-lamination incising process creates LP’s VaporVents™ technology, which helps prevent moisture buildup during and after construction while blocking up to 97% of radiant heat from emitting into the attic. LP Techshield comes with a transferable 20-year Limited Warranty, and is America’s #1 brand of radiant barrier sheathing.

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