Frequently Asked Questions (Shed FAQs)

Planning for Your Building

Storage Shed Prices


While it is tempting to look for the least expensive outdoor storage buildings, make sure that you are making a good value decision.  Remember, an exterior building is an extension of your home, as well as an investment.  Materials, Construction and Reputable Company make Cardinal Buildings Better!!

With our fair pricing, financing suite, or rent to own, there is no reason to wait!

(LP Prostruct floor, 12″ spaced pressure treated floor joists)

(4-6″ eaves standard, 4-6″ trimmed, and 12″ boxed eaves available)

(Vinyl buildings have vinyl corner trim, residential doors have encasement)

(Vinyl sheds, Hardieplank sheds & LP composite wood lap siding)

We build quality garden sheds and storage sheds on site in Raleigh, Cary, Garner, Apex, , Willow Spring, Fuquay Varina, Holly Springs, Clayton, Fayetteville, Angier, Windell, Durham, Morrisville, Wake Forest and other areas surrounding Raleigh NC.  Large storage buildings, as well as vinyl sheds, Knightdale sheds, or other sheds with horizontal siding are our specialties.

BAS Buildings– Best ValueHow the Competition Compares
Customer Approved: Great reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List. Experienced builders, Part of the community for over 10 years, Brick and Mortar location – Displays so you can see quality before you buy.Who are these guys anyway? Checked their reviews or references? Are they giving back to the community? Are they a permanent business, or just here today and gone tomorrow? Can you see their work before you buy?
Custom Built: Your shed ideas & design – making it match your home, tastes or needsShed Kits: have to adapt your needs to their design
Built on Site: Site evaluations when needed, leveled on solid cement blocks, Fences & trees no problem!Shed Delivery impossible or risk damage to landscaping or septic lines, not able to put your building where you want it
Fully Treated Floor System: All storage sheds have LP Prostruct floor treated with zinc borate with 10 yr warranty to meet building codes
Durability, Beauty, Protection and Strength
Untreated plywood floor standard – splits, separates, rots, warps. Remember, this is termite territory!
Floor joists 12” oc Pressure treated 2×4 for 8 or 10 wide, and 2×6 for 12+ wide sheds – supports heavy loads, resists warping, termite damageFloor joists spaced 18-24” apart. Allows warping, and poor support for heavy items
Siding: LP Smartsiding, Vinyl sheds, Horizontal fiber cement sheds, or LP Composite Wood Horizontal Lap Siding available. All horizontal siding includes house wrap. Metal wrapped eaves available. LP composite trim.
Always top quality
2nd quality lumber, limited siding options installed without metal wrap or Tyvek wrap, untreated trim boards, causing warping and rot
Roof: 5/12, 7/12, 9/12 roof pitch, full gambrel, 25 year shingles on felt, architectural shingles or special order available for perfect match, LP Radiant barrier roofing available to keep your building 10-15% coolerLimited pitch options, flattened gambrel option, Limited shingle options, no felt, or charge extra to protect your roof
Eaves: 4-6” eave overhangs standard, 12” boxed eaves or extended overhangs available, drip edge available
Attractive, protects building’s siding
No overhangs or only on 1 or two sides, leaving shed siding vulnerable to water runoff damage
Financing Assistance

We offer shed financing through our web site, including traditional financing, 0% credit cards for 18 months, and rent to own sheds. Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor credit scores accepted.
No warranties beyond manufacturers. Can you find your shed builder down the road if issues arise?
Permits: -takes hassle out of building larger sheds, we handle letters , drawings, permit, & inspectionsNo assistance with shed permits – You’re on your own
HOAs: Free shed plans / drawings showing construction and materials. Our sheds have already been approved in most local HOAs so they are familiar with our quality – faster approvalNo assistance with HOAs
Assistance with contractors for additional needs such as electrical, concrete, bricking, etcWhen the shed sale is complete, you are on your own

Yes you can!  Click Here to find out how!

Once you have determined how you will use your building, the next step is deciding its size and style. Though a small shed will be less expensive than large storage buildings, you do not want a building that you will grow out of in a short time.  Generally, your building must be at least 100 sq ft in order to have enough room to accommodate adequate storage and work space. BAS Buildings offers many shed styles, and sizes, from 6 x 8 storage barn up to a larger 16 x 24 Classic Barn with lofts and dormers.

Size of ShedStorage ItemsStanding RoomWorkspace
64 Sq. Ft. (8’ x 8’)Bicycles, Push Mower, Garden ToolsYesNo
80 Sq. Ft. (8’ x 10’)Riding Mower, Cabinets, Garden Tools, BikesYesSome
100 Sq. Ft. (10’ x 10’)Riding Mower, Push Mower, Garden ToolsYesSome
120 Sq. Ft. (10’ x 12’)Riding/Push Mowers, Work Tables, Bikes, ToolsYesYes
140 Sq. Ft. (10’ x 14’)Mowers, Bikes, Tools, Work Tables, WheelbarrowYesYes
144 Sq. Ft. (12’ x 12’)Mowers, Dirt Bike, Bicycles, Work Tables, CabinetsYesYes
192 Sq. Ft. (12’ x 16’)Mowers, Dirt Bikes, Cabinets, More WorkspaceYesYes
240 Sq. Ft. (12’ x 20’)Mowers, Dirt Bikes, ATV, More WorkspaceYesYes
288 Sq. Ft. (12’ x 24’)Mowers, ATV, Jon Boat, Workspace, FurnitureYesYes

Remember, buildings 400 sq ft or larger may require a permanent foundation.

Style: From small cottage and utility buildings, to large barns and workshops, there are numerous style options for your shed. Larger pitch roofs and higher side walls provide more space for a loft, while using shingles instead of tin for your building’s roofing will reduce noise and increase aesthetic appeal. It is important to utilize quality materials like Horizontal Vinyl or Fiber cement siding that matches your home and will have a long lifespan.

Step 1: Determining your purpose for sheds or  outdoor buildings is the first step.

Backyard Sheds are great for:

  • Storing tools and gardening equipment
  • Providing homeowners with extra workspace
  • Storing outdoor play equipment: bicycles, go-karts, kayaks, etc.
  • Securely storing potentially harmful lawn-care/auto-care chemicals
  • Having a place for hobby work
  • Creating a man cave to escape alone or with friends and just enjoy your He-Time
  • Creating a she-shed, to escape the house for private Me-Time  to read, relax or what ever
  • Provide a place for parents or adult children to keep their belongings

Sheds can accommodate storage, provide protection for your equipment, or provide additional work or living space.

If you are storing hand tools, you will likely need to install peg boards and cabinets in the storage building. Hooks can be installed in sheds to hang gardening tools, freeing up space for lawn-care equipment. Wall hangers for kayaks, canoes, and bicycles can free up space for performing maintenance on those items. If you need storage and a workspace, you may want a large shed that is tall enough to add a loft, or a large workshop.

Not only will your new shed that we build on site in your yard be useful, but with options such as horizontal siding (vinyl siding, cement siding, wood lap siding), architectural shingles, patio doors, residential doors, porches, shelving and other options, our outside buildings will be pleasing to you and your HOA. Our shed builders also make sure your backyard building meets permitting codes.

The way you will use your storage shed will help determine where you place it. If you will be using your shed as a workshop or for storage of frequently accessed items, you will need to place your shed in a conveniently accessible area of your yard. If you want a workshop, access to home, driveways and gates becomes important.

BAS Buildings has assisted customers in Raleigh, Cary, Clayton, Garner, Apex, Fuquay, Wake Forest, Knightdale, Willow Spring, Holly Springs and other areas to construct storage sheds providing the best location and best used of their sheds.

Step 2: Choosing the Size and Style of Your Building

Storage Building Eaves:
Eaves are there to protect your investment. Minimal eaves provide minimal protection. Without eaves, rain water, and roof trash & chemicals run down the side of your storage building and damage the siding. At BAS Buildings, all buildings have REAL eaves. Our economical 6″ eaves allow enough protection so that the water will run off away from the building, thus not damaging or staining your storage building walls. Also economical, you can dress up the standard eaves with 1×4 trim to match your shed, either on the gable ends, sides or all around. This is often referred to as “faux eaves”. For the most attrative garden sheds, we recommend 12″ boxed eaves. These will match your home nicely, especially when paired with a higher roof pitch. Boxed eaves at BAS Buildings also include built in soffit vents to help make your building cooler. Also for garden sheds, and she-sheds or man-caves, many customers choose a 4′ overhang covering a small porch. For utility, we also offer metal wrapped eaves for vinyl buildings for low maintenance. On our display lot, we have displays with standard eaves, 6″ eaves, trimmed 6″ eaves, 12 Boxed eaves and metal wrapped eaves. If you are in the Raleigh, Willow Spring, Fuquay, Garner, or Clayton area, come by today to discuss your storage shed needs. #Storage Sheds, #Sheds, #Shed eaves , #shed styles, #Raleigh Sheds, #Garner sheds, #Clayton sheds


DON’T BUY A SHED KIT! When your standard shed kit won’t work, come to BAS Buildings. We build sheds to fit your budget and your needs. Our customers have come up with great shed designs, and we have been proud that they chose us to construct their buildings. Our builders have the skills and experience necessary to provide you with what you need or want. We assist with design, permits and HOA requirements. To see some of the sheds we have constructed, see our gallery of shed pictures, and then come in with your ideas. To see commonly asked questions about storage sheds, see our FAQs page. For more information about planning your building, see our shed planning guide. #unique sheds,#shed designs,#custom sheds, #storage sheds

ORGANIZING STORAGE SHEDS: Prevents repurchase of items and materials you already have Makes finding items that much quicker Means you’re getting the maximum usage out of the available space in your storage sheds. Make sure that the items you use most are within easy reach. Use hooks or pegboards, or drawers & cabinets so that everything has its proper place and keep clutter away so that you do not waste time moving items from place to place in your storage building. Be generous with shelving in your sheds, so that you can keep your floor space as open as possible Consider door placement. If you will be storing materials in one side, and mowers, riding toys, vehicles, you may want your door offset so you can drive right in and leave other areas clear for storage or use. If placing objects needing electricity, organize your building to make sure items can reach plugs, and minimize wiring on the floor. Keep extension cords and hoses neatly coiled and out of the way. Lining the back wall with pegboard made it easy for to hang smaller tools like trowels, hammers, and drills — all within reach. This also made the workbench in the rear of the building much more useful. You can also use higher one ft wide shelves for smaller items so you can see them easily. Use back of shelves and higher shelves and lofts for items which are not frequently used. You want to spend your time using your tools, not looking for them!# organizing sheds, #storage sheds#shed options #sheds#storagebuildings

UNIQUE STORAGE SHEDS: One of the things we enjoy at BAS Buildings, LLC is talking with our customers, and discussing why they need storage buildings and what are their plans for their shed. We have built outdoor offices where parents can remain at home and yet get some work done. We have built play houses which will be used for storage down the road. We have built divided he/she sheds, where couples have their own side divided by partition so they can organize as they like. We have built pet sheds for birds, goats, horses, turtles, cats and dogs. We have built sheds which will be used as mini guest houses. We have built sheds strictly for storage, of tools, of items being kept for adult children or parents, items for resale, lawn and garden materials, small business materials and more. We have built man-caves and she-sheds. Each customer comes with unique needs and we answer with unique designs. We can add custom doors, windows, re-inforced flooring, siding, lofts, porches or whatever is needed. We can also build to meet the needs of HOA associations. Our goal is to build a storage building which will meet our customer’s needs, and of which we can be proud. #shed designs #shed ideas#custom storage sheds#storage sheds






Remember when comparing prices, to also compare quality. When choosing shed builders, cheaper can often cost you more. Choose a builder with a proven reputation for quality workmanship and materials, one who will be around down the road if you need to move your building or for repair work if problems occur. Like many people, you may feel comfortable shopping around until you find a company you can trust, that offers the highest quality storage buildings for a fair price.

Ask yourself the following questions when considering each shed company:

  • Has the company been doing business in this area long? (BAS is a continuation of Cardinal Buildings, which has been operating in the same physical location for 12 years.  Same builders, office crew, same quality you have come to expect.) Recently, we moved to a newer location at 3800 Centurion Dr #109, Garner, NC
  • What is the Better Business Bureau ranking of shed company? BAS Buildings is proud to have an A rating, and plan to continue)
  • Have you been offered a free site visit to determine the size and best location for your garage, workshops, sheds or storage buildings? (BAS Builders will always meet with you day construction begins to answer any concerns you have about the location. BAS Buildings offers free site visits if there is an issue with your property or the building you choose. )
  • Is the sales person knowledgeable and able to help you get the answers you need? BAS Buildings’  builders have been constructing homes, garages and utility buildings for over 15 years.Brad Smith, and Matt Smith are knowlegeable in all aspects of shed building and locations for your building.
  • Does the company have a physical location as well as a website? (BAS Buildings has a display lot and showroom so you can see the workmanship and materials in our sheds before you purchase. We are at 3800 Centurion Dr. #109, Garner, off Jones Sausage Rd, exit 303 off I-40.
  • Is set up and delivery of shed free of charge? (At BAS Buildings, shed prices include building on your lot, or delivery, set up & leveling on solid cement blocks)
  • Will the storage building you select be built with top grade materials? (BAS Buildings uses LP Smartside panels, vinyl, hardiplank or LP Lapsiding, composite trim boards, and a fully treated floor system. They use galvanized ring shank nails to resist pullout or rust, continuous piano hinges so the shed doors hang properly, felt under 25-30 year shingles. They will match your existing siding and roofing. With lumber, it is always first quality)
  • Has the shed sales person talked with you about permit requirements? (BAS Buildings offers consultation on permitting, have information on the web site, and will provide you with needed engineering plans and engineering letter.)
  • Are there structural features included on BAS storage Buildings that are missing (or not listed) with other buildings you are considering? (BAS Buildings offers as standard floor joists 12″ oc, wall studs 16″ oc, and upgrade to 2″x6″ floor joists for buildings over twelve foot wide.  All BAS storage sheds and workshops include a treated floor.)
  • Will every effort be made to satisfy home owners’ association requirements? (BAS Buildings will discuss the requirements with you, meeting any requirements, and even provide free of charge an engineered shed drawing for your HOA.  Often, we have had meetings or discussions with developers and HOA commitees to make SURE we are meeting requirements.  For that reason, a number of HOAs in Raleigh, Garner, and Clayton regularly refer their homeowners to BAS Buildings for their storage sheds)
  • Can the shed or storage building be built with an appearance that will go well with existing structures on your property? (BAS Buildings are all custom built, so can match style, roof pitch, color, exterior siding and shingles)
  • Are you committed to paying a fair price for a building that will be well-constructed with durability, service, and attractiveness and meet all industry standards. (You will not find a better constructed building for the price than from BAS Buildings.)

Step 6: Organizing your Space

Storage sheds and Garden Sheds are a significant investment.  Ask yourself:

Why do I need a storage building?
Think about the purpose for your building, to determine the size and style you need.

What size building do I need?
What will you be placing inside yor storage building?  Will there be room for it all and will you have easy access to what you need?

Will my shed add value to my home?
An attractive building does increase your home’s appeal and selling value. Make sure your building adds to your home, instead of detracting from the appearance.  Keeping your building well maintained is also important.

Where should I place my building?
You need to adhere to municipal and HOA setback rules. You need to have it in a location that will be safe.  You need easy access to go in and out. You want your building to line up nicely with your home.

Do I need permission to build a shed?
You need to check with your HOA and possibly complete an application with its architectural committee.  You need to check with your municipality to see if you need a zoning or building permit.

Should I purchase from a big box store or have someone construct my shed?
Big box store shed on first glance look less expensive, but cheap often will cost you more. These sheds do not always meet permit guidelines. Often, corners are cut by not including tightly spaced joists, felt under shingles or eaves to protect your siding. Frequenly, you are limited to kits, which may not have the design you want or placement of doors and windows you would like. They may not build on site, so you cannot bring into your yard if you have narrow access or fencing.

How do I choose a builder? 
Meet with the builders, view their displays, ask questions. Are they trustworthy, and do they have a good reputation?  Have they been in the constructon business long, and do you expect them to be there down the road? Do they use first quality materials?  Are their builders experienced, and the type of person you want working at your home?

What should I look for in shed flooring?
You want a floor with adequate weightload so it does not buckle under the load.  You want treated floors that will hold up to moisture, and be protected against insects.  LP Prostruct flooring is the only flooring waranteed for use in sheds. See what makes our storage shed floors superior.

What siding should I choose?
You can use long lasting LP smartsiding and paint to compliment your home. You can also choose to match up the siding and colors exactly, with horizontal fiber cement or wood, or vinyl siding in the style and color of your home.

What style building do I need?
This often depends on the use for your shed.  Are you building for storage, as a garden shed, man-cave, or she-shed? Do I want to match the roof pitch of my home?  Do I want an overhang to protect my shed? Do I want custom trim, residential or shed doors?

Purchasing a Shed with Pack Sheds

Of course.  With BAS buildings, you can bring in a design or plan for storage buildings or sheds, and our experienced shed builders can construct it. We have built she-sheds, guest cottages, animal shelters, outside offices, and many more.  You choose the siding, doors, windows, styling to make your outdoor building uniquely you!  You can also browse our storage shed gallery, bring in ideas, and we will help you with shed designs.

Our specialy is constructing garden sheds to meet HOA guidelines, large sheds, sheds with horizontal siding (sheds with vinyl siding, sheds with hardiplank siding, sheds with wooden lap siding). We build on site in your yard, and ALL OF OUR STORAGE SHEDS COME WITH TREATED FLOOR MATERIALS, REAL EAVES AND FELT UNDER THE SHINGLES.

We provide you, free of charge engineered plans for storage sheds with permits, and drawings for your garden sheds to meet HOA approval. We have a good reputation with building permitting offices and HOAs in the Raleigh, Garner, Clayton, Angier, Willow Springs, Fuquay, Wake County, Johnston County and Harnett County.

Sometimes in order to offer a slightly lower price, shed dealers will charge separately for items they know are needed.  With BAS Buildings, we include the basics required for a quality building.  You don’t pay for what you don’t need, but have the option of adding anything you like to your building.

Included in the price of all BAS Storage Buildings:

Fully treated floor systems

Treated corner & door trim

12″ Spaced floor joists

4-6″ Eaves

Double shed doors

Diamond metal threshold for door entrance

25 year shingles

Felt under the shingles

Having your storage building constructed on site, in your yard

First quality materials

Up to two levels of blocks

Two gable vents

Options to consider and available:

Horizontal siding (fiber cement, wood lap, vinyl to match your home)

Diffent pitched roofs


Boxed eaves

Architectural Shingles to match your home

Decorative doors and windows

Ramps, stoops, decks

Shelving (loft storage, workbenches, pegboards, standard shelves)

Decorative options: (cupola, window boxes, weather vanes)

Lean tos

Partitioned walls

Why shouldn’t I purchase a cheaper shed?
There will always be cheaper sheds around. How is this possible? The short answer? Underpaid builders, inferior materials, or inferior construction.  BAS chooses to build a quality long-lasting building, of which we and you can be proud. We believe in treating our builders as family and paying them a fair wage. Our buildings are constructed on site, by experienced builders, using quality materials, and top building standards!  Unfortunately, this costs a little more, but well worth the investment.  We offer the best quality construction at a fair price.

How can others sell cheaper sheds?

  • Underpaying builders, which results in builders being less experienced or less dedicated.
  • Skipping permitting or HOA requirements
  • Wider spaced floor joists
  • Untreated or particle board flooring which will not hold up over time
  • Cheap shingles with no felt underneath
  • No overhangs to protect siding
  • Lesser quality framing, which will cause warping over time
  • No opportunity to customize your building to your needs or aesthetics
  • Used sheds with unknown history
  • Shed not built on site, risking not matching your property, or damage to shed or property or building when putting into place.

How to safely save money on your building? We can help!

  • Choose LP Smartsiding instead of horizontal siding and match the color of your shed to your home.
  • Choose standard shingles instead of architectural shingles, with color to match your home.
  • Use sheds with lofts and shelving to make better use of smaller sheds.
  • Choose a higher side wall, and a lower pitched roof to gain more usable storage area.
  • Choose standard shop shed doors instead of residential or fiberglass doors.
  • Consider a lean-to instead of a larger shed.
  • Build on skids with treated wooden floor instead of a cement pad.
  • Use fewer windows, which will still gives light, but frees up wall space for shed shelving and storage.
  • Include LP Techshield radiant barrier to reduce cooling costs for sheds.

BAS Buildings, LLC will be happy to help you with your shed permitting.  Since large buildings are our specialty, we have a lot of experience assisting  customers in Raleigh, Cary, Garner, Clayton, Fuquay, Wake County, Johnston County and other surrounding municipalities, and knowing what is needed and when for a shed permit  We provide you with engineering plans, engineering letters, and we call for the inspections.  If questions arise, we follow up by  calling for you and finding out what the issue could be. We want to make purchasing storagge sheds easy for our customers!

Do I need a permit for storage sheds?  See more info on storage shed permitting.

In most neighborhoods less than 10 yrs old in the Raleigh and Triangle area, you probably have an HOA association as part of your community. They will most likely have an HOA Architectural Committee that must approve your storage building before you can begin construction.

BAS Buildings will assist you by providing you with pictures of your shed design, and a sketch showing materials and workmanship, along with front and side elevation. We are the preferred builder for many local subdivisions for this reason. They know we will build a quality building that meets all of their requirements. We even meet with developers to put together approved shed packages which are guaranteed approval!

Do I need HOA approval?  See more info.

Of course BAS Buildings can construct storage sheds or utility buildings to match your home!

We offer many options, including shed vinyl siding, or shed horizontal fiber cement or shed wood lap siding, as well as the standard LP Smartside.  Some customers only want to match their home’s color and shingles, whereas other customers want more options to match the pitch, siding, doors, or style of their backyard buildings to their home. If you can describe what you are looking for, or bring a picture of your home, we can help you choose the sheds that best meets your needs and wish list. We also have a gallery of shed designs to help you get ideas, and a shed visualizer to help you make color choices.

Our shed builders specialize in larger sheds, sheds with horizontal siding, storage sheds to meet HOA requirements, sheds with permits, and custom designs, sheds with decorative accents, or garden sheds in difficult locations, but we are happy to build any size or style storage buildings. A simple small shed is definitely available as well!

Below are just a few of the shed designs our customers have chosen.  Look around Raleigh, Garner, Clayton, Angier, Willow Spring, Fuquay, Wake Forest, Knightdale, Benson, Apex, Durham, Chapel Hill, or Benson, and you are sure to see attractive storage sheds built on site by our shed builders!

Storage Sheds or utility buildings are an extension of your home, which will give you good use for many years. Think of them as an investment, not an expense.  An attractive storage building also makes your home more attractive to prospective buyers.

Still, you may want to think of ways to reduce the initial cost for your outside building.

  • Choose LP Smartsiding instead of horizontal siding and match the color of your shed to your home.
  • Choose standard shingles instead of architectural shingles, with color to match your home.
  • Use sheds with lofts and shelving to make better use of smaller sheds.
  • Choose a higher side wall, and a lower pitched roof to gain more usable storage area.
  • Choose standard shop shed doors instead of residential or fiberglass doors.
  • Consider a lean-to instead of a larger shed.
  • Build on skids with treated wooden floor instead of a cement pad.
  • Use fewer windows, which will still gives light, but frees up wall space for shed shelving and storage.
  • Include LP Techshield radiant barrier to reduce cooling costs for sheds.

Choosing shed builders is one of the most important decisions you will make for your shed or storage building.

More on the importance of choosing a shed company

Before becoming BAS Buildings, our shed business was part of Cardinal Buildings, who has been constructing storage buildings in the Raleigh, Garner, Clayton area for 10 years.  We are pleased to have their shed builders continue on with us. Our strategy is to start with reliable, experienced builders, and then offer them reasonal pay and treat them with respect due a skilled craftsman. All our shed builders have skills to do an expert job, and experience to offer guidance on shed options, location and styles.

Dave Jones shed builders knightdale

Dave Jones, one of our builders has been with the company since the doors opened 12 years ago.  Before joining us, he ran his own shed business, so has close to 20 years experience constructing storage sheds.

Jay Benson shed builders clayton

Jay Benson, has been a building contractor for over ten years, constructing homes and garages.  He has been with us for three years.

Jeff Henning shed builders raleigh

Jeff Henning has run his own local business, Cochise Flooring and Construction, and is a skilled wood craftsman and builder.  We are pleased that he also chooses to work with us.

Matt Charlesworth shed builders Garner

Matt Charlesworth has worked with Cardinal Buildings as well as other builders in the local area, having many years experience as a framer, shed builder, and garage builder.  He shares his time with us at BAS Buildings and Cardinal Buildings where he is one of their primary garage builders.

You want your storage building to be an attractive addition to your yard, not a worn out eye-sore.  Therefore, you should purchase storage sheds well-constructed with quality materials.  It only costs a little more to do it right!


We use LP Prostruct Overlay Flooring,  the only treated flooring warranteed for outdoor buildings.  They are treated with LP’s proprietary system of zinc borate, waxes and binders to resist termite, moisture or fungal damage.  The prostruct shed floors are compliant for shed building permits in the local area: Raleigh, Clayton, Garner, Wake County and Harnett Counties, etc. We use pressure treated floor joists, 12″ on center, and 4×4 pressure treated skids for added strength.  Your floor will not rot, delaminate, and will be able to hold anything you wish to put inside your outdoor building. Even if you never forget to close your shed doors, you will benefit from treated floors.

If you are getting a permit for your building, you will be REQUIRED  to have treated floors, but at BAS Buildings, LLC, we believe all sheds should be built to last! 

You want a siding that will last and complement your home. You also want a siding that will last.  If painting is not your thing, you need to decide if you want siding that doesn’t need painting or if you want to hire someone to paint it for you.  Often HOA covenants require that you match the color of your home’s siding or match the exact material of your home.

LP Smartsiding is often a sound, economical choice.  It is treated with zinc borate, and has a 5-50 year warranty.  This is a treated wood panel with vertical grooves.  It comes factory primed, so you need only put on a coat of latex enamel to have a color match to your home and a long-lasting siding. You will need to caulk around windows, corners and doors.

LP also makes a horizontal wood lap siding.  This siding is put over housewrap and matches hardie plank or wood lap siding on your home. It is factory primed.  It is more impact resistant than fiber cement.  You will need to caulk and paint.

Horizontal fiber cement is a popular siding for homes, and is available for your storage building or garden shed.  It is durable and flame resistant.

Vinyl siding does not need paint.  You can cover your home with vinyl of the same brand, style or color of your home.

BAS Buildings, LLC offers all of these sidings.  All horizontal siding includes housewrap and a ridge vent so that we do not have to cut into your siding for ventilation. The choice is yours!

Once an order is placed, storage sheds are placed on our scheduling board and we construct them in order of date.  Depending on the time of year, our schedule for sheds is out from 1 week to 5 weeks. Once we start constructing sheds, depending on size and complexity, it takes one to 5 days to complete.  For permitted sheds, an extra day is needed for a flooring inspection.

Timing can  be affected by how long it takes to acquire your HOA approval.  Architectural committees typically meet once per month, so depending on where in their cycle your request, this could add a few weeks.

Getting a building permit may add days to your schedule.  We will provide you promptly with the engineering drawings you will need. Usually, permits only take a few days, but if a zoning issue arises, this could slow down the process for additional days.

Weather is a determining factor on when we start construction.  If it has been particularly rainy, you will let us know when you feel comfortable with us coming to your yard for construction.

We will not sacrifice quality in order to speed things along.   BAS Buildings will try to get your building constructed in a timely manner.  If we get behind, we bring in experienced garage & shed builders to get caught up.

At BAS Buildings, you can pay with cash, major credit cards, or checks. We collect 50% down, and the remainder once your shed is complete.

We also offer standard bank financing and 0% interest credit cards from our web site.   You can get 0% credit cards for 12, 15, 18 or 20 months.  Our standard any purpose bank loans allow you to choose your payment or your loan time.  You can use these options to cover your storage building or other related projects.  The money is put directly into your account, and you then pay us. Our financing suite offers options for different budgets and credit scores.

A new storage building qualifies for a home improvement loan or line of credit from most banks.  Your bank knows your credit and payment history, so many times can offer the best rates.

90 Days Same as Cash is available through our rent to own program.  If you make monthly payments and pay off within 90 days, there is no finance or rental charges. You only pay a $15 processing fee.  If you do not pay off in 90 days, the contract automatically reverts to a rent to own contract.  In this process, you rent the building for 36 months, after which you own the building.  You can vary overall cost by making extra payments or paying off early, without penalty.  If your situation changes, you can also return your shed without penalty. There is no credit check involved.


BAS Buildings builds storage sheds, garden sheds, and workshops on site, in your yard.  We cut your building at our cut-shop, load on standard pickup and utility trailer, then bring to your yard to custom build.  You choose the size, style and options you want for your backyard building and tell us where you want it.  We get as close to the building site as possible, and if necessary, hand carry the materials to the perfect spot for your new storage shed.

Fences, small gates, creeks, septic systems are not an issue.  If we can get within 50 ft of the spot, there is no charge; otherwise there is a nominal carry charge, which goes in full to your shed builder for his time and trouble.

Here are just a few of the buildings we have built on site.

We prefer that you be at home when we arrive to construct your building. We can discuss the area where you want the building and make sure that your storage building is oriented the way you want in regards to your home and yard. We will construct the floor, then have you verify that it is where you want or make adjustments. You can show us where you want doors, windows and shelving. After seeing the height of your door, you can decide on the spot if you want or need a ramp or steps.

Also, by building on site, we can construct permitted buildings. Inspections can be done of your floor system prior to your building being finished. We can also easily place your floor instead of having to move the shed later.

You do not, however have to remain at home while we finish your building. Once it is laid out as you desire, you can go about your daily activities. Once we have completed your building, you can inspect it and make sure that all if to your specifications before making your final payment.

If you cannot be home, we can give you flags to place in your yard to show where you want your building. You can discuss the other details by phone with your builder prior to the shed construction.

It is up to you how much preparation you put into your yard before getting a shed.  If you are getting a concrete pad, we can help you find a contractor who will do a good job.  No need for anchors; we will anchor your building to the concrete.  You do need to coordinate the size of the shed with the size of the pad. Typically, the pad is one inch smaller in length and width than the proposed storage building or shed so that the siding sits over the edge. If the building is smaller than the pad, you would need to be prepared to caulk or seal the edges so that the rain will not wash under the walls and into the shed.

Make sure there are no large stumps in the yard where you want the storage shed to be located. There is no reason to kill the vegetation, since the lack of sun under the shed will kill it off.  If you are concerned, you can put down a mositure barrier or gravel for a base.

If your lot is unlevel, we will use blocking to level it.  You also have the option of leveling the spot before we arrive. Your shed will still be stable and level, even if the ground is not.  You may want to consider lattice or some other trim to cover any blocking needed.

Please make sure that you have any pets or their debris out of the yard.  Our shed builders will not want to be distracted or scare your pets.

Make sure your children are not in the yard. It is natural for them to be curious about the process, but please let them watch through a window or enclosed porch.  Our shed builders are using tools which could harm any unattended children.

If you are getting a permitted shed, please make sure you have your permit available.  We will bring a plastic pouch to mount it at the construction site.  Your outside building will have one or more inspections and the paperwork must be available for sign off.

If you are unable to be home, make sure you have marked the construction location, and have discussed orientation and construction details with your builder.

Preparation before your shed is built will make the process go smoothly for you and your shed builder.

Once My Storage Shed is Built

Now you have your new storage building, workshop, shed or metal building, security is an important issue to consider. Sometimes home insurance will not cover equipment stored in a garden shed, as most locks are easily broken or removed by thieves. It is wise not to store good quality tools or expensive equipment in the shed if there is easy access to it.

Consider the security of your neighborhood when deciding what to put into your outside building. If you live in a high crime area, you may want to have stronger locks, and either no windows, small windows, or windows placed where thieves cannot use for access to your belongings. You may also consider lighting the area of the yard where the shed is located.

BAS Buildings uses T-Lock & keys as standard for sheds, and also offer steel doors, or metal doors, roll up doors with padlocs, residential doors with deadbolt locks for more shed security. We also can install decorative octagonal or transom windows to give light while offering no access to thieves. Transom windows can be place on the wall, above doors and in the doors of storage sheds.

If building metal RV Carport or Boat Cover, consider a utility style to store your camping or sporting equipment in a secured shed built in as part of the carport.

Make sure you itemize the contents of your backyard building and contact your home insurance agency to verify that your storage buildings and belongings are covered under your policy.

Customers in Raleigh, Garner, Clayton, Willow Spring, Holly Springs, Angier, and other nearby communities have counted on us to help them make the decisions for keeping sheds secure.

Once construction is complete, you want to make sure you are making the most of the inside space, and organize storage buildings or sheds so that you have easy access to your belongings. If using for a she-shed or man-cave, you will want to arrange items for your usage and comfort.

Have an idea of:

  • What is the purpose of the backyard building
  • What items you have to store
  • What space is available
  • How you want things organized
  • What is used frequently or seldom

That last point might be the key. If the item is something you’ll reach for often, put it in a place that’s easy to get to. Right?


You’ll need to clean out your shed, of course. That means taking everything out. Not only do you need to see what space is available, you’ll also end up tossing out all sorts of items, which will make the whole process of organizing your storage building more effective. And, as they point out, this is your chance to sort your storage shed items into categories. That will make them easier to put back into the shed.


Organizing storage sheds:

  • Prevents repurchase of items and materials you already have
  • Makes finding items that much quicker
  • Means you’re getting the maximum usage out of the available space

Make sure that the items you use most are within easy reach. Use hooks or pegboards, or drawers & cabinets in sheds, so that everything has its proper place and keep clutter away so that you do not waste time moving items from place to place.

Be generous with shelving, so that you can keep your floor space as open as possible

Consider door placement.  If you will be storing materials in one side, and mowers, riding toys, vehicles, you may want your door offset so you can drive right in and leave other areas clear for storage or use.

If placing objects needing electricity, organize your storage buildings to make sure items can reach plugs, and minimize wiring on the floor.  We do not want tripping accidents!

Keep extension cords and hoses neatly coiled and out of the way. Lining the back wall with pegboard made it easy for to hang smaller tools like trowels, hammers, and drills — all within reach. This also made the workbench in the rear of the building much more useful. You can also use higher one ft wide shelves for smaller items so you can see them easily.

Use back of shelves and higher shelves and lofts for items which are not frequently used. You want to spend your time using your tools, not looking for them!

BAS Buildings will build lofts, shelving, pegboards, hooks, etc, in your storage shed to make organizing your belongings easy. We will reinforce your floor to support heavy tools and cabinets. For exceptionally heavy items, consider requesting extra floor joists, larger floor joists, or mobile ome pier pads.

Garden Sheds and Storage Sheds today are an extension of your home, and should be given the same level of care and upkeep. Modern shed materials will last indefinitely if treated properly. If the exterior of your storage building is constructed with LP Smartside, it is treated with zinc borate and binders to resist termite and moisture damage, and comes factory primed. Horizontal Fiber Cement (such as Hardi-plank) construction is also ready to paint.

It is highly recommended that you caulk and paint storage sheds as soon as it is completed. An acrylic Latex Exterior house paint is the best choice. As with any exterior painting, two coats are better than one. A better quality of paint will give better coverage and will last longer. Exterior Latex Semi-Gloss house paint will endure severe weather conditions better, and will repel dirt, and stains far better than a flat finish. ALWAYS PAINT THE TOP, BOTTOM, AND INSIDE OF STORAGE SHED DOORS to prevent warping, and give sheds extra protection from damaging weather elements. All exterior trim will need to be primed before painting. Prior to any painting, please be sure to caulk with a paintable caulk. Butyl and silicone caulks repel paint and are NOT RECOMMENDED. Caulking should be done on all seams, including door trim, eaves, and corner trim. For vinyl sheds, make sure to routinely power-wash your storage shed to keep the colors clean and bright. Choose a building company who will be there for you if panels become damaged and can replace them with the same product.

Make sure that you maintain airflow around storage buildings. Leaves, and other debris can accumulate around sheds and block the air flow beneath the building. Trash surrounding storage sheds also make them more vulnerable to fire, and unwanted varmints.

Do not store anything in sheds which animals will consider food in open containers. This will only encourage squirrels, mice, snakes and other creatures to come into your storage building.  Often they will chew shed floors, doors or corners to gain access.

If damage occurs from storms, vandalism, or equipment, repair sooner, rather than later. Repair of an existing storage building is often more practical than having to purchase a new shed. If you do need to replace the shed, ask about trade-ins.

BAS Buildings uses treated shed panels, and trim, factory-primed. Our 25-30 year shingles come standard with a felt underlay. Our storage sheds come with a warranty on workmanship and against settling issues, as well as a limited life-time service warranty.  We can recommend an experienced local shed painter, who will assist you with matching colors, painting and caulking.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to focus on what type of storage buildings are best for your needs.  Once you are ready to purchase a shed, we would appreciate your giving us the opportunity to earn your business.  Let’s build together!!

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