Questions to Ask Your HOA

Every Home Owners Association is different and may not have specifications in all these areas or they may have more.


  • Any size restrictions?
  • Are there limitations on the % of property the shed can occupy?


  • Any particular roof pitch or style? (Ex: is a barn style shed allowed?)
  • What is the maximum height allowed including roof pitch?


  • Does the shed need to be a certain distance from the main dwelling/property line/fence?
  • Does the shed need to be hidden from street view?
  • Are there any other requirements that govern where a shed can or cannot be placed on the property?


  • Does the HOA require a permanent foundation such as concrete?
  • Does the HOA require architectural shingles?
  • Does the siding need to be horizontal such as fiber cement (a.k.a. Hardiplank) or vinyl?
  • Does the HOA require the addition of windows, shutters or upgraded doors?
  • Do HOA requirements included having boxed eves on the shed?


  • What steps need to be taken to receive approval from the HOA to build?
  • Do they require documentation and engineer drawings?

We are happy to work with you to meet the HOA requirements and still fit your needs.

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