Standard Quality Features

Superior Flooring System

What other companies consider an upgrade, we have as our standard. We use the industry leading LP ProStruct Flooring with SmartGuard fully treated flooring system. The decking is treated with zinc borate and binders to resist moisture, termites, rot and fungus. 10 yr manufacturer warranty, tested in tropics, and treated floor joists spaced 12″ apart for stronger flooring.  

Hand built on-site.

You will have a designated builder who comes to your property and handles every piece that goes into your shed.

Shop Built Double Door w/ Continuous Piano Hinge

Our 60″ handmade shop doors are crafted from LP SmartSide wood panels, and come with barrel locks and a locking T-handle. The continuous piano hinge on the inside ensures that the doors will hang true for years to come

Metal Threshold

Diamond plated metal thresholds protect your shed entrance from the wear and tear of everyday use and the harshness of the elements.

5 Year Warranty

Our Top-to-Bottom 5 year warranty covers all materials and labor on your shed. Some of the building materials such as LP Prostruct Flooring, shingles and siding have extended manufacturers warranties. All warranties are included in the cost of your shed.

3-Tab Shingles on Felt

High performance shingles laid over felt have a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. We can match almost any color you need or want.

2 Layers Cement Blocks and Supreme Leveling skills


Two gable vents are included when LP Smartsiding is used. Fiber cement, vinyl and board and batton require a ridgeline vent.

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