Storage Shed Flooring

BAS Buildings’ flooring is one of the reasons our storage sheds are superior.

All of our storage buildings have completely treated floors: bands, joists and decking.

Our shed decking is LP prostruct flooring, the only flooring warranteed for outdoor sheds and structures. It has been tested in high humidity and high temperatures. It is treated with zinc borate, waxes and binders to resist termite or moisture damage.

All of our buildings, regardless of size have 12″ o.c. pressure treated floor joists . Eight and ten wide buildings use 2×4 joists, and twelve wide use 2×6 floor joists. This gives a weight load that will not tend to buckle or collapse.

Although the storage sheds have treated flooring, they are set up and leveled on solid concrete blocks, so that no wood touches the floor, and there is airflow underneath the floor.

Of course, BAS will also build on concrete floors, to make your storage building or workshop a permanent structure.

See chart below for the significance of 12″ o.c. joists.

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