Storage Sheds: Windows

Windows are a great way to decorate your sheds as well as adding needed light to your storage sheds. With BAS Buildings, you have the option of choosing one of our standard windows, or purchasing your own custom windows and having us install them in your garden sheds for you.

Consider your wall space needed, since every window takes away from available wall shelf space.
Also consider security; is there a probability of someone wanting to look or crawl into your windows.

If you want light, but want to maintain security and wall space, you can choose a decorative octagonal or transom window, or choose windows in your storage shed door(s).

We offer 14 x 27 for smaller sheds, or when you want more security, 18 x 27 larger rectangular or 24 x 27 larger square windows. We can typically order 30 x 36 windows for you as well. In addition, we have octagonal windows and transom windows.

For standard Smartsiding sheds, we use flush mount metal windows with locks, screens and grids. If you want to dress them up a bit, you can add 1×4 textured trim to match your building, or add shutters or flower boxes.

For vinyl sheds, we offer vinyl windows in 18 x 27, 24 x 27, and 30 x 36. We also have vinyl octagonal windows.

For sheds with horizontal siding, we offer flange windows, so the siding can slide under the edging of the window trim, in 18 x 27, or 24 x 27 .

We are always willing to install custom windows you choose and purchase for a nominal fee.

For extra light, consider a door with windows, patio doors, 9-lite doors, doors with small window, or perhaps two windows trimmed out together.

To dress up your windows, we have 1×4 trim, shutters, and flower boxes!

rectangular flush mount 14 x 27 or 18 x 27
24 x 27 metal flush mount
18 x 24 Vinyl for vinyl sheds
Flange window, for sheds with horizontal siding (vinyl sheds, hardiplank sheds)
Transom above door or on a wall
Transoms in door
Octagonal nonfunctional window
Double windows
Louver shutters and flower box
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