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We want to give a big shout out to the guys who get it done:
Joe, Tucker, Jay, John, Robert, Dave and Joel!

When you purchase a shed from Pack Sheds, we designate a specific builder who has the expertise and experience needed to build your customized shed. Our builders are your builders. Your builder will select and handle almost every piece of material that will go into your shed. They have been observed picking up a piece of wood and staring down the length of the board just to make sure it was straight. On occasion, they have been known to be unhappy with the available lumber at one yard and they will drive to another to check for better materials. Our builders are trained carpentry craftsmen with years of experience. They are meticulous about making sure your base is level, the walls are straight and everything fits tightly together.

Pack Sheds is proud of our builders – Joe, Tucker, Jay, John, Robert, David and Joel – and the quality work they do.

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